Yurt living 

Nature at your back doorstep is an underestimate, this stunning yurt design is crafted carefully to be the perfect accomodation for tourists who want to experience a true holiday in New Zealand amongst wild life and native ferns and beach trees. Wake up with the sun on the horizon and to the sound of the birds. This beautiful retreat was made to be both suitable for accomodation for guests and as a liveable home, having all the things you would need to be able to live comfortably , including, two bedrooms, a fire, kitchen, bathroom, and living spaces. 

This home is budget friendly and is made of simple timber and calico. For the main kitchen area we sed stained wood and corrugated iron to add contrast. This home is built on a ledge using support beams dug into the ground with concrete. If your looking for a tiny home style living this could be a good option for you, not only eco friendly but options with adding more yurts to have more room is also an idea. 


"We were extremely happy with Stephan's concept and design. He listened well to what we both wanted and incorporated all of that into a beautiful design which suited our purpose and looks amazing. The lines inside the house make it look and feel contemporary. We highly recommend his architectural abilities."

Diane Reedy & Ray Anderson