City Living

Nelson inner city living 

This House consists of 2 apartment over 2 levels. The house is situated at the bottom of a steep hill and was build to replace a burned down house. 
The bottom story if build out of Polyblocks which create a comfortable, warm bottom story in an otherwise cold spot in winter. The North facing elevation is entirely from glass to create a passive warming of the top story.

The Intertenancy floor is from solid concrete for fire and sound insulation. Cladding is from Larch. The Bottom story is rendered EIF blocks and the windows are all thermally broken. The house can be used as a single dwelling is desired and has in internal set of stairs which can be blocked off with a fire rated door.



"Natalie and I started designing this house in 2016 after we bought the section. We where lucky enough to rent the house next door during the design and build process. We enjoy developing and building innovative projects that can be used to provide accommodation in Nelson"

Stephan Meijer