Mountain eco home

"Passive solar home made from Straw bales untreated local timber"

This home is submerged in nature, built from sustainable resources and situated at Te manawa eco village in the Motueka Valley. Created using colourful timber and large windows facing the ocean you feel as if you are one with nature, the balcony juts of dramatically leaving you perched among the trees.

The timber framed Eco house has several different building systems to create a so called hybrid house, which means basically the use of appropriate materials and building systems in the right place, to create a really comfortable home. Some of the eco aspects include, straw bale walls along south/east side of the house, Light clay infill walls in bedrooms, rammed earth walls in kitchen, earth covered roof, locally sourced "Old mans pine" for structure and timber windows, doors and sashes.


"We love our mountain retreat. Its very warm in winter and cool in summer. The views are stunning and the surrounding bush is very peaceful."

The Meijer Family